• The Justice of God

The only fair justice is God’s justice. In a world whirling out of control, many have lost sense of rights and wrongs, only God presides over the ultimate worldwide—yet personal— justice system.Only once in awhile does a book bring rare insight and godly illumination to a globally crucial subject. This book is one of them! A seminal work from a true practitioner, best-selling author, and leader of a vibrant local church, Dr. Joe Ibojie brings clarity and a hands-on perspective to the Justice of God.

The justice of God is not the judgment of punishment or of dread and fear; His justice is the totality of all that He has put in place to ensure every person receives fairness and mercy.

When you cooperate with God to bring His original purpose to reality in your daily living, you will be blessed and your life transformed with the power of His love, then you can say; ‘the righteous still are rewarded’.

Justice of God reveals:

  • How to pull down your blessings.
  • How to regain your inheritance.
  • The heavenly courts of God.
  • How to work with angels.
  • The power and dangers of prophetic acts and drama.

Expect more from life when you expect the Justice of God to reign!

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The Justice of God

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