The ministry of the Watchman in a local church is possibly one of the most common and yet one of the most misunderstood ministries in the Body of Christ.

Over time, the majority of these gifted people have been driven into reclusive lives because of relational issues and confusion surrounding their very vital ministry in the local church. Through the pages of The Watchman you will learn:

  • Who these watchmen are.
  • How they can be recognized, trained, appreciated, and integrated into the Body of Christ.
  • About their potential and how they can be channelled as valuable resources to the local leadership.
  • How to avoid prophetic and pastoral pitfalls.
  • How to receive these gifted folks as the oracles of God they really are.

The 21st century Watchman ministry needs a broader and clearer definition. It is time that the conservative, narrow, and restrictive perspectives of the watchman’s ministry be enlarged into the reality of its great potential and value God has intended.

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The Watchman

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